Rounded Thumnail




Written By: Curt Mastio, CPA

At first glance, the difference between a consultant CPA and a CPA that fills the role of a trusted advisor may be  difficult to ascertain.  Furthermore, why does it matter?  Why should I care?  Why is it relevant to my startup?  To best understand the subtle, but powerful difference between the two, let’s examine this difference in action.  We’ll analyze it in the form of a case study, which we’ll call ‘Storage Squad: The Payroll Problem.”

Storage Squad, a leading provider of summer storage options for college students, approached Startup Accounting Advisors with questions about its payroll processes and systems.  The problem was simple, but the solution much more difficult and the path forward even more uncertain.  Let’s start first by defining ‘The Problem’ and from there we will approach the solution from two angles.

First we’ll approach it from the angle of a CPA consultant to arrive at a conclusion, and then we’ll learn how Startup Accounting Advisors approached it to arrive at a much more value added solution that expands beyond the scope of just ‘The Problem’.