Hear What a Few of Our Many Satisfied Clients Have to Say

Here at Startup Accounting Advisors, we put our clients first.  Our goal is to leave you blown away with the value added services we provide in such a way where you can’t wait to tell others about what we’ve done for your startup!  Here are some testimonials from our constantly growing list of satisfied clients.

Storage Squad

Storage Squad, LLC

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“Startup Accounting Advisors has been instrumental to our business since day one.  Startup Accounting Advisors helped us grow and scale at a rapid pace, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without Curt’s help.  His ability to pragmatically break down all of our finance & accounting processes and articulate a clear and concise vision to us is what makes his work crucial to our success.  I would not hesitate to recommend Startup Accounting Advisors to anyone who is serious about taking the next step with their startup”- Dan Hagberg, President & Co-Founder of Storage Squad.

“Startup Accounting Advisors continues to do an excellent job handling our QuickBooks, expenses, and monthly tax work. I was very impressed with Curt’s communication and presentation. Every meeting we had Curt was always prepared with the information needed and even recommended new ideas to me. Without Curt I would not have the time to grow my business.” – Tom Voitik, CEO & Co-Founder of OGMobi.