Rounded Thumnail




Written By: Curt Mastio, CPA

No, the title of this blog entry doesn’t contain any typos, nor is it completely baseless in its merits.  Speed dating your accountant is crucial, albeit not in the traditional sense typically attached to the term ‘Speed Dating.’  I am not suggesting that you sign up for a speed dating event with the intention of latching on to the first individual who sits down across from you with the acronym ‘CPA’ appended to his or her surname.  The suggestion is more an assertion regarding the importance of screening your startup’s CPA for a variety of factors from the get go, to avoid pitfalls that may surface down the road in the absence of such screening.  In a manner more typically reserved for Buzzfeed, let’s apply context to the idea of speed dating your accountant with four reasons you should speed date your startup’s accountant prior to bringing him or her on-board.